2018 Racing Season
2017 Win @ Bridgeport (June 24th, 2017)
2018 Car (Big Block)




6-16-18 New Egypt Speedway Results: Heat started 10th finished 11th. Feature started 22nd Finished 22nd (DNS/DNF).
6/9/18 Bridgeport Speedway Results: Heat started 4th finished 9th (DNS - electrical issues). Feature started 19th finished 19th (DNS).
5/26/18 Bridgeport Speedway Results: (BIG BLOCK) Heat started 4th finished 2nd. Feature started 3rd finished 5th.
5/5/18 Bridgeport Speedway (Season Opener) Results: (BIG BLOCK) Heat started 5th finished 6th making the redraw. Feature started 8th and finished 12th.
4/29/18 Bridgeport Speedway (Pre-Season #2-3/8) Results: (BIG BLOCK) Heat started 9th finished 7th. In the Consi Roger started 5th finished DNF/DNQ (Broken Shock & Flat Tire.
4/22/18 Bridgeport Speedway (Pre-Season #1-3/8) Results: (BIG BLOCK) Heat started 4th finished 6th, qualifying for the feature. In the feature Roger started 18th finished 15th.
3/31/18 Bridgeport Speedway (Poker #1) Results: (BIG BLOCK) Today Roger raced his first Big Block race ever at Bridgeport Speedway for the 60 Over Special Doug Hoffman Memorial.. Heat he started 9th (8th) finished 8th. Consi started 7th (6th) finished 4th (Making the show). Feature he started 23rd and finished 17th. Congrats to Roger and the team on a very successful 1st Big Block Modified Race.
3/16/18 Georgetown Speedway Results: Small Block - Heat started 8th finished 6th. Consi started 1st finished 4th making the feature for the 1st time ever at Georgetown. Feature started 27th and worked his way through the field and missed a couple accidents to end his night with a 12th place finish.
3/10/18 Roger was at Georgetown Speedway today with the Small Block for Practice.
1/1/18 Roger & everyone at Roger Manning Racing are working hard to get ready for the 2018 racing season. Along with getting the website ready for the 2018 season. Check back regularly for updates and news on whats coming in 2018 for Roger and the Team.
8/9/18 Roger Manning and Roger Manning Racing would like to announce their new website is up and running. Check it out and let us know what you think in our guest book.










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Stats (As of 6/16)
2018 Racing Season
Big Block Modified
Races Entered 6
Features Started 5
Wins 0
Top 5's 1
Top 10's 0
Small Block Modified
Races Entered 2
Features Started 1
Wins 0
Top 5's 0
Top 10's 0
Track Points
Bidgeport Speedway (Mod) 15th
Bridgeport Poker Series N/A
Bridgeport Pre Season 28th
New Egypt Speedway (Mod) 38th
STSS South Region 62nd
American Racer (Bport) 126th
















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